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A small (5 foot 2 inches) Korean with a very small penis and hairy back. Has a ridiculous balding hairdo which looks like someone threw a wig in a cotton candy machine and glued the mess to his head, smells of old socks and has the fashion sense of a blind autistic child. Also cannot spek Engrish good.

Leader of a cruddy subcountry known as North Korea which houses a few half-assed nuclear weapons and a lot of starving gooks.
Kim Jong Il: I am cool
Dude: You are short, grow away
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
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With his trademark bouffant hairdo, designer sunglasses, and tan tracksuit, "Dear Leader" Kim Jong Il, is the quinessential mad dictator. Ruling over the impoverished and isolated nation of North Korea, Kim Jong Il has been responsible for the mass starvation, torture, and opression of millions of people. He has also perpetrated an insane personality cult centering around him and his late father Kim Il Sung. The dictator has also taken an interest in nuclear weaponry and acts of state sponsored terrorism.
Kim Jong Il drinks imported cognac and dines on fresh lobster while his people eat grass off the hillsides.
by C May 11, 2004
Somone who needs to be nuked.
A Trident D4 would work nicely.
by I_Hate_Liberals September 05, 2004
Kim Jong Il is one of the worlds most dangerous men. He runs North Korea, which is home to a few concentration camps and prisons in which the people who are captured are tortured, forced to do manual labor, killed, and forced to fertilize the ground using their own defecation. Anyone who lives in North Korea is deprived of human rights, and is not allowed to leave.

Kim Jong Il is a megalomaniac who wants control over the entire planet. He is completely insane, and will do anything unexpected for the world to be afraid of him.

He has large rectangular glasses and a large hairdo. He enjoys wild parties and driving in expensive sport cars.

He is currently (2006) testing missiles to threaten the world- he believes that his missiles can reach California of the United States. He is treatening the United States and Japan directly, but truly he wants the entire planet's control.
Kim Jong Il is a maniac. I despise him.
by Anony.mous July 15, 2006
A crazy commie bastard who speaks not so good english
Kim Jong Il: Awww Hans. You're breakin my balls Hans, you're breaking my balls!
by Crush31 November 14, 2005
Born Feb. 16, 1942, also known as the "Dear Leader," the dictator of North Korea. Chairman of the National Defence Committee and General Secretary of the Korean Workers' Party.

While his citizens are starving (except in Pyongyang), he drinks cognac, eats lobsters, has 10,000 wines in his cellar, collects Mazda RX-7s, and sleeps with many women (he prefers occidental blondes).

Essentially, a militaristic, immoral, midget (he wears platforms to disguise his stature) worse than Bush and Hussein combined. Believes he can take on Japan and the United States (the two most powerful economies of the world, each with a considerable military). Kidnaps South Korean and Japanese people and trains them as spies. Runs several internment camps for his opponents where they are starved, tortured, and executed publicly.

One way to get him out is to get China to cooperate. Without China, North Korea will be isolated. Except China will not do this because she also dislikes the United States and Japan. What a convenient country is North Korea for China.

Another is to cut all aids and funding. Sure, his people are going to starve, but HE is the principal cause. He will once again blackmail with nuclear weapons. If he uses one on Japan or the United States, that will mark his end anyway.

Final way is to attack. But there is no chance that he can withstand a full-scale attack by the United States, with South Korean and possibly Japanese support. Then he will be forced to use his nuclear weapons. Extreme risk, but a definite way to get rid of this sociopathic imbecile.
Kim Jong-Il must go to hell
by Sup July 29, 2004
An Evil Commie peice of shit.
Kim Jong Il starved his own people. He gets all the imports for himself.

Kim Jong Il is a huge fan of Daffy Duck.
by chad April 08, 2005
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