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Background: Once upon a time, Trishank Karthik was listening to the Groove Armada song, "Suntoucher", from the album, "Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)". Somehow, the lyrics were so badly misinterpreted by Trishank, that some phrase in the song was unfortunately assumed to be "killah gangrene". Till this day, he has been unable to find this exact phrase in the actual song lyrics.

Definition: Used to denote when something is totally cool. The mental imagery of gangrene, especially a killah one, adds to the effect or flavour.
Yo, Groove Armada be droppin' some real killah gangrene beats, ah!
by Trishank Karthik April 29, 2004
the real definition of killah gangrene? means a very bad gangrene..i mean thats what i think:P
"yo man..thats a killah gangrene you have got on your leg"said Billy to his diabetic friend,Jonny.
by suba April 29, 2004
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