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Finnish traditional drink, which could be described strong homemade brew. The most simple method of making this sweet nectar requires only frosen orange juice, water and some sugar. The best and most popular version requires water, sugar, yeast and fresh juice for flavour. Kilju hits you like a sledgehammer, and soon you will forget your name and ability to speak. Next morning your shit smells like a just baked bread, because of the yeast. True mothafuckas use about 50% juice, and only orange juice in kilju. Wussy-ass Finnish goverment has banned the production of kilju.
I drank kilju yesterday with some friends. When I woke up I didn't remember anything, not even where I was. And there was so much yeast in my shit that I could have been able to found a bakery. There was also some blood in my shit, so it was an ordinary night out with kilju.
by messenger October 22, 2006
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