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The single most badass, neko-loving, faburous human being on the planet. You meet Kiku and you know that you're fucked. Get your baka-looking ass out of his way, he doesn't take any of your shit. He will throw a fucking guinea pig at you and he won't even be sorry. He took Arthur Kirkland's roast beef soup and guess what he made that shit amazing. You better bow down to the wonder that is Kiku Honda.
Kiku: *raughs*
Idiot: Heh heh, who are you, bitch? Yolo swag rachet hipster lololololol!!!1!11


Kiku: My name is Kiku Honda

Idiot: *dies*

World: *bows down*

*angels erupt from the heavens*
by divpotterdemitributebender January 15, 2014

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