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(adj.) Similar to metrosexual, it is the state of behaving as flaming gay as you please, though still managing to pull the hot chick at the end of the night. This might be in any comination of action, dress, speech, behavior, etc. Satisfaction may or may not be derived from the homosexual activity, but in the end, the person who is acting kiko gay is in fact straight, and sucessful in terms of heterosexual endeavors.

Note that a bisexual cannot be kiko gay. Though their behavior may seem kiko gay, the homosexual attraction defies what it is to be kiko gay.
Male models are often considered kiko gay. Despite his insistance on wearing women's jeans to accentuate his buttocks, or girlishly sipping on a flirtini, Kyle returns home to his 22 year old blond model and song writer.
by Dustyn Williams February 28, 2005
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