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Expression used by the cachis to express emotion, excitement, malice, to surprise little chihuahua dogs and to tickle their girlfriends.
this chihuahua seems very quiet let's give him some KIKIKIKIKIIIIIIIII!
by Mr. Arrigo Sacchi February 19, 2004
The fake non-cute attempt for a non-vampire to laugh. shit's annoying as hell. if you use this, you're a dumb bitch, just sayinnn' and you must have a pimple invested body. stick with your doggie shampoo and stepping over shit to shit. also sleeps with gross ass people like lineback and then deny it.
that amberVAMPIRE girl uses kikikiki all the damn time.
by the fried hair wolf. February 21, 2009
a hot girl's titties.
she got some kikikiki 's
by alex June 17, 2004

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