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What happens when you have fat fingers and try to type LOL!
LOL...KIK...Umm How would I give an example?
by Sincerelaura January 12, 2006
12 25
a rather new abbreviation for
Keeping It Kool/Kewl
John: hey
Matt: hey
John: hows it?
Matt: ntb... n u?
John: KIK
Matt: kewl...
by pooboo July 10, 2008
4 18
the equivalent of lol for people with fat fingers or poor typing skills.

can also be confused with ;p;
When using MSN, AOL, or any other type of instant messanger, you type "kik" instead of "lol"
by Les Palmer May 10, 2006
63 81
a new messaging system for smartphones to talk, easier than bbm and txt messaging.
KIK Me- booboo12
by DMcH November 04, 2010
173 192
A alcoholic beverage created by a small group of t-boys. Scotch of the highest quality (ha) is mixed with ribena to make up the drink known as "kik". Can have interesting effect on consumer.
"Some times you kik.... sometimes you get kiked"
by hugh jasss March 07, 2006
10 29
someone who doesnt know how to use a keyboard
kik, <-- basically saying im a moron
by >.< October 14, 2003
33 61
i dont know where it is from. It means that you have a girl or boy u like, but u arent with them. u just have fun with them and kiss them and shyt. its like being together but having other people to be with.
you want to be my kik?
by lauren February 28, 2005
21 51