1. its like lol only you missed and got kik
2. I got a kick out of that
"My friend went to a party last night and threw up."
by KylemotherfuckingFallon September 09, 2006
abbreviation for "killed in karate"
"today, i got kik. Killed in karate. MLIA (my life is asian)
by bingaling93 February 21, 2011
Mis-pronounciation of 'lol' meaning laugh out loud,mostly happens on Msn and aim.
Superdude82:wana hear a funny joke?
Superdude82:F YOU!
by Btwiown September 21, 2008
What happens when you have fat fingers and try to type LOL!
LOL...KIK...Umm How would I give an example?
by Sincerelaura January 12, 2006
synonym for "lol"
person1: i'm an idiot
person2: kik
by laura June 18, 2003
A other word for lol, also used as a Orcish/Fantasy word which is then translated as lol.
WOW dude1: good joke
WOW dude2: kik
by Crusade7734 July 24, 2008
The new abbreviation for the T-Mobile Sidekick.
Yo son, just hit up my kik when u wanna be out...
by Diddly00 January 05, 2008

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