KiK is the name of an app for messaging. Usually placed in front of their screen names and most the time is similar or the same as their current screen name.
Profile description: Sup hit me up kik yarsftks
by Yarsftks March 28, 2013
Refers to a pair of shoes, or other footwear.
"Jean bought herself some new kiks"
by annihilator_6 November 24, 2005
Thai for girlfriend.
Mai is my kik.
by bakkintheday January 18, 2009
kik= OK I know
kik, it wouldn't be right to do that without asking.
by HHC MattHarmon August 11, 2011
KIK: kik is used to designate a joke that may be stupider than funny.
"On my God, all night long everytime I tried to write LOL, I hit the wrong keys, getting up this morning I realized I had kik'd everyone of those stupid jokes".
by Gibbous Fowl October 10, 2011
kik -means the same as lol, you get kik when you try to type lol but have your finger on the wrong spot!
THat was funny!


oops i mean lol
by Alvafro April 02, 2010
--Friend, homie
--short for sidekick
--another word for ace
--Yo! whats goodie kik?
--yo there go my kik jack!
by NiQue-FrEaK May 25, 2008
synonym for "lol"
person1: i'm an idiot
person2: kik
by laura June 18, 2003

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