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French verb to say that you love someone or something... It's a word mostly used by teenagers.
Je kiff cette meuf ! (I love this girl)
by LodLuT January 10, 2004
(1) A stoner, someone who smokes marihuana or hashish
(2) Derives from the arabian word "Kif", which means, roughly translated, "sense of well-being"
(3) "Kif" also describes cannabis-containing smoking material
(4) Common term for Stoner in the german language
(1) I'm a kiffer

(3) The old moroccan man took out is pipe and filled it with Kif

(4) Ich bin ein Kiffer
by ederstone May 24, 2004
Somone who is smoking Dope.
He's a Kifer.
by VAKI5 September 25, 2003
A person whose sole means of survival is to take advantage of any and all people around her (see Kiff). Kiffers are considered the lowest human life form second only to playa haters. The word has its origin possibly from Ontario Canada where the art of kiffing has developed to the point of being high practical but its also widely used in the party scene of the West Coast especially Vancouver, B.C. Kiffers almost without exception have a drug addiction usually of crystal meth. Kiffers are highly mobile and will move from group to group in order to recruit fresh "suckers" and to avoid the backslash from victims who finally woke up from what happened to them.
"Hey, a sucker is born ever minute. How else do you think a kiffer like Brandi can still be around?"
#kiffer #kiff #kiffing #user #screw over.
by The Pauper Prince January 12, 2006
a rip through a water pipe of unpressed hash
lets go hit a kiffer
by russian August 20, 2004
wreastling feak
he is such a kiffer
by ryan November 26, 2002
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