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kiely is the most beauftiful girl i have ever seen
she is so hot, funny, the sexiest girl alive.
did you see kiely today?
by hshfuehdsjdkj999 April 04, 2011
16 6
Kiely is hot.
Unlike you, who justbitches about everything.
by hellwithyou October 19, 2003
38 20
To be in a state of uncontrollable arousal at all times, often resulting in chronic masturbation to the point of carpal tunnal.
Billy is so kiely that no one feels comfortable around him anymore
by brett croft November 21, 2003
43 28
The name of the most awesome person alive, usually found with watery blue eyes, wide smile, with lovely blonde locks to add on to this beautiful girl. She is secretly loved by a new friend of hers but doesn't realise as they get closer and closer everyday, they just both need to tell one another how they really feel.
person 1: Hi there
person 2: omg you look so Kiely today... You look amazing
by missinlove April 07, 2013
11 4
Fuck you, Kiely is a fucking hoit girl at my school in Boston.
Kiely Simons is so sexy.
by DaMan November 06, 2003
18 22