the perfect way to take a good song and uglify the shit out of it. seriously, why dont you just make a "chipmunk" version of it???? i just saw a commercial for the newest CD and heard adam lambert's very good song Whataya Want From Me. WAY TO TOTALLY DESTROY A PERFECT SONG!
justing beiber: so, how good am i at singing?
Person: you sound like you belong on kidz bop!
by your faces moms foots eye July 09, 2010
A species of sub-human, PCP smoking kids trying to sing that sound like autistic, horny, acid shooting 80 year old faggots having a stroke that likes to ruin good songs and making songs that are already bad sound even worse. It was invented by some soccer mom milf who wanted to make mainstream music more kid-friendly.
Joey: Hey hank, did you hear the new T-Pain song?
Hank: yeah, it was cool, until i heard the Kidz bop remix.

In Kevin Rudolf's "Let it rock" it goes "but it broke his heart so he stuck his middle finger to the world" but the kidz bop version goes "but it broke his heart so he waved his hand to the world."
by Joey1227 September 05, 2010
a group of kids derived from disney channel that turn mainstream hits, that are already overplayed, into the total failures. their high pitched voices together sound like a damned creature deep down in the pits hell. we keep listening to music with more cursing and shit like that but they just manage to cover it up with more giggling and add it to their cd.
*friend turns on radion*

friend~ hey move along's on by all american rejects

me~ kidz bop already sang it and ruined it, that song is a total failure now

*changes channel*
friend~hey its bad romance from lady gaga

me~ they sang that too, what while thay ruin next!!!

friend~ hey its wake me up when september ends by greenday
by someoneyoukn0w February 01, 2011
The end of good music as we know it. This "album" is simply a collection of overplayed, overmarketed songs that are either already shitty, or songs that are actually really good but ruined as they are redone by a group of kids that sound like 80-year-olds on Ritalin and helium while shooting up black rain. It's marketed towards soccer moms who think "Oh! If I buy this for my children, they won't have to listen to that awful rock music and Satanic death metal. They can listen to pop songs but are redone by kids for kids! And all the bad words are censored out with giggling so they won't have to hear curse words."
Since 2000, they (those who produce this rubbish) have put out a number of these albums. However, the first one by itself was too much.
Tom: "Hey, did you hear? There's a gazillionth volume of Kidz Bop being released next week."
Hannah (facepalms): "Dear Mother of God, I don't wanna live on this planet anymore.."

Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron (Soundgarden's dual response to Chuck Norris): "What the hell is Kidz Bop?"
by MlleRCCola February 21, 2012
A pedophile' s dream come true; also commonly known as a horribly produced CD sung by kids for kids that consists of shitty lyric changes.
It sounds like Billy had dragged his balls against broken glass earlier. Just kidding, he was getting turnt to his shitty Kidz Bop CD on full blast.
by Madmads 99 April 20, 2015
1.Where audio comes to die.
2. Something that will make you want to really, really jump off a building, if it's loud enough.
One shudders to imagine what inhumane thoughts lie behind those kidz bop records... Thoughts of chronic and sustained butchery.
by Thespikedballofdoom May 27, 2015
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