Kidz Bop.

1. A series of CD's, now on their 18th CD, featuring children attempting to sing the recent pop hits. A soccermom may buy this for her first-grade children to listen to in the van on the way to soccer practice. Most of these "rising stars" (aka Kidz Bop children) were found at Chuck E Cheese, putt-putt golf, the movie theater watching a G-rated movie, or sometimes a lemonade stand in the Midwest. These "rising stars" are fired once a) they begin to go through puberty, b) they go to 4th grade, and c) they begin to listen to decent music instead of Hannah Montana. The voices of these "rising stars" are too high, and often dripping with faux emotion.

2. Someone stuck in the 2nd grade who thinks that Kidz Bop is cool and is all around childish.
1. "Dude, do you have that new Kidz Bop CD?"

"No, Dude, I don't listen to that shit."

2. "Have you even met her? She's such a Kidz Bop."

"She threw a fit because there weren't any red crayons... She's so Kidz Bop."
by Lil Miss Magic June 29, 2009
Kidz Bop remakes popular songs and censors them so that they're appropriate for little kids. Quite frankly, they suck. Nobody listens to them except for bratty 4-10 (but only if the 10-year-old is very immature and can't handle listening to bad words, or if their soccer mom can't handle for them to listen to bad words). Somebody needs to shoot those stupid kindergarteners (aka pathetic excuses for singers) so they don't keep making everyone's ears bleed!
Johnny bought Kidz Bop 1, thinking that it would be music to his ears. But when he heard it, he started to cry and broke the CD into hundreds of little pieces with a hammer. Then he stole his daddy's Glock, went over to the Kidz Bop studios, and popped some bullets into those retarded producers' heads, shot all the little kids, poured gas all over the studio, lit a match, and laughed hysterically as it burned to the ground.
Kidz Bop Kids (that weren't in the studio when Johnny set it on fire): We're so great, we're famous! Hey there, want our autograph?
Me: NO!! *Takes the Glock from Johnny's hands and shoots the kids*
(As they're lying on the ground dying in a puddle of blood)
Me: Did I ever tell you how much you suck??

Then me and Johnny shot all the soccer moms in the world, went to the music store, and listened to some Evanescence.

by I know you want to know... March 07, 2007
A CD made up of the top 40 hits such as "My Happy Ending", "My Boo", "Let's Get it (Started/Retarded)" & etc. Performed by a bunch of kids with high, whiney voices, ruining the already crappy music, unless they are doing a song such as "Float On" by Modest Mouse. Most of the songs are horribly inapropriate but the children are young and innocent therefore completely ignorant of WHAT they are singing.
For example, "My Happy Ending", written and performed by someone who thinks that simply because he/she can play several chords on a guitar can sing about sk8ter bois, hang out with the guys, wear her pants too low, and flip everone off. She also happens to performe some country. The whiney children sing this song completely oblivious to its lyrics and they put it on the CD and -haha!- everyone buys it so the kids can grow up to shop at abercrombie or Pac Sun.
by evilpyschopenguin February 19, 2005
Fun to listen to while you're stoned and wank material for pedophiles.
Also used by the goverment to brainwash the masses to advance the hidden agenda to make America into a totalitarian regime,
I swear to God there's subliminal messages in this shit.
Instead of using Christina Aguilera to torture Guantanamo Bay prisioners, they should have used Kidz Bop.
by Faithy November 10, 2006
Kidz Bop

Kidz Bop is an annoyance to the world. The only point is the whole Idea of this is just where a bunch of bratty kids who can't sing for crap take a perfectly good song and screw the entire thing up. Who ever came up with this useless and incoherent crap should lose their job. I'm in shock that they came up with a Tenth CD. If you wanna good song listen to the original one. Where the hell did they find these kids? Chuckie Cheeses?
- Hey! Wanna get the new Kidz Bop CD?

- No thanks. I'd rather wipe my ass with that money.
by Joseph. October 07, 2007
Why listen to the original song sung by the artist, when you can listen to the song by children that make it worse ?
"Hey, did you hear about the new kidzBOP?"
by justanotherpersonnnnn July 15, 2009
A series of CD's in which sold a total of 19 copies worldwide.
Guy 1: Hey look, A new Kidz Bop CD!

Guy 2: Fuck my life.
by bloodytampon2 March 28, 2009

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