The end of music, or at least good music, as we know it. This is the franchise of CD's with hit songs that are horribly remade by children and others. It is an insult to the artists who make the original songs that are remade by these people. These remade songs are despicably horrid and sound so bad that they make people literally want to destroy something. One can not stand a Kidz Bop song.
Not ANOTHER kidz bop commercial!?!? CHANGE THE CHANNEL, CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by dafierce one April 02, 2005
Top Definition
The soccer mom's attempt to make most of today's music suitable for young children. This leads to butchering good songs or making crappy ones even worse. These travesties of music are commonly advertised on Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon and are sold on CDs and tapes to unwitting customers.
No one really likes kidz bop; they just pretend to so the producers won't kill them and feed them to their pot-bellied pigs.
by Shawn B. June 06, 2003
Kidz Bop

A horrible CD filled with overplayed songs sung by children who are all on ritalin. Their "videos" consist of them running around laughing and dancing, while singing. In short, a pedophile's wet dream.
What most of the people who buy kidz bop don't realize is that these songs are so overplayed that anyone could hear them on the radio, sung by the original singers, for free. Stop giving these people money.
n. a horribly produced CD made to give the children of today a censored verson of all the top hits-- with different singers. I believe most of the singers were picked up off the street somewhere, because none of their voices belong on a CD. Period. See cruel and unusual punishment
"Mommy, mommy, Joey said that my Kidz Bop Tape bleeps out the word f*ck in that Puddle of Mudd song!"
by RogueRising August 13, 2003
A Gay ass CD with kids that sound like broken glass scraped agenced a chalikbord siging modern songs
The kids bop sucks cock
by baka_kuso_yarou July 10, 2005
One of the harsher punishments in Hell. A really crappy CD sung/made by a bunch of bratty kids with annoying, high-pitched voices who can't sing for crap. They take most of the good songs and turn them into a version of lameness. Seriously, listen to their version of Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway". It made my ears want to bleed.
Kidz Bop really, really sucks. They shouldn't even make another CD.
by Aztec_Falcon June 27, 2006
Group of kids who sound like horny 80 year olds on heroin. They "sing" too. See dumbass
Did you hear the new kidz bop CD? It sucked arse.
by deciever February 19, 2003
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