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A five-man cult comedy troupe out of Canada consisting of Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson. The "Kids In The Hall" television show started in 1989, lasting five acclaimed seasons and also lead to their 1996 motion picture "Brain Candy".

The troupe played many women in their sketches--very convincingly--for lack of female members, and the 4 straight members (Foley, McCulloch, McDonald and McKinney) are often mistaken for being homosexual.

Quirky and controversial, Kids In The Hall sketches are still worshipped by a large and loyal fan base.
"The Kids In The Hall are the greatest comedy troupe since Monty Python!"
by Clamolly March 29, 2006
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A show from the 90's in which 5 canadians perform off-the-wall sketches, musical numbers, and monologues.
Consists of Scott Thompson, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Bruce McCulloch, and David Foley.
Good Sketches (one for each kid)

The Polite Axe Murderer (Dave Foley)

Cabbage Head (Bruce McCulloch)

Mr. Tisane (Tzan?) (Kevin McDonald)

Darrill (Mark McKinney)

The Queen (Scott Thompson)
by KITHFAN August 12, 2005
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sketch comedy show in the early 90s that consisted of david foley, bruce mccolloch, kevin macdonald, mark mckinney, and scott thompson.
is the most awesome show ever, and a much better sketch comedy show then crap like mad tv.
idiot: omg! mad tv is so awesome!
chloe: :slap: KIDS IN THE HALL!
by chloe March 06, 2004
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the reason kids get kicked outta skool cuz its only played at lyke 12 and 1 in the after noon and theyd rather get stoned and laugh than listen to teachers bitch
why didnt you come to skool today jimmy?

mut had sum dank ass weed and kids in the hall were on why do you think?
by james July 20, 2004
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