One who ruins the internet by
-lying about age
-saying swag in everything
-watching skythekidrs and following his every order
-watching ryj

-ruining forums

Some are mature but that is rare. You never see it in a popular gaming community.
Kid: stfu, i am not 8!!! i am 17.

Adult: Oh really?

Kid: ur gay
by TheguynamedToby March 21, 2014
A word so overused by so-called "emos" it ISN'T funny any more.
I'm SO EMO so i'm going to call everyone "kid" until they start to scream in my face.
by Mrs.Lennon April 04, 2007
The term kid is a common term used amongst friends in this generation. It is used to address a person in a jokingly degrading way. It is degrading because you are calling a person who is the same age as you or older, a child. However, it is not a term that you take serious offense to if it is used on you.
Yo kid shut ya mouth!
by Csal May 05, 2011

A derogatory term often used in online games, although some may choose to take this a stage further and call it to people IRL. They will look retarded unless the person on the recieving end also plays the interwebs, however. It is often followed by the phrase 'notsureifsrs'.

Often used to insult another's skill or playing style, while simultaneously praising your own although the latter is not necessary, and often the word alone is enough to portray your meaning, and frequently enhances its effect.
n00b: hahahA yew just dyed! you suck!
you: because you were in the way you idiot
n00b: eye is better than you at tis gayme
you: Really kid... i mean really. Kid.

n00b2: why do i always die omgggg i have such a crap team
you: kid lol.. notsureifsrs you are sh*t
noob2: i am 18 faggot im not a kid..
you: kid..really? Do you even internet.

by jaymeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee November 03, 2011
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