A word girls/guys use when they want to mess with someone they like or want to make them mad on purpose.
Girl: Kid stop joking around.
Guy: Stop calling me a kid
by aluminik October 12, 2014
A kid is someone who hates being called a kid, or someone named Cody, because all people named Cody are usually a kid.
Hey Kid
by Checkit0ut February 14, 2011
Annoying, stupid, and weak side effects of sexual intercourse without protection.
I had unprotected sex with a sexy blonde and now I have to drive to my redneck cousins house for a free abortion. I don't want to have kids.
by Juicybigsausage March 11, 2015
Used to describe a friend, common use in Chicago and Milwaukee area. Can be used to put someone down in the right tone.
You going out tonight kid?

That frickin kid doesn't know what's up. - derogatory
by acacianpunk July 01, 2013
Someone who is below you in the "food chain" of your high school, hangout, workplace, neighbourhood or household, even if they are older than you. As well as anyone younger or smaller than yourself, or inferior to you.
Example 1
Tommy:"Kid I'm gonna' knock ya out!"

Charlie:"Fuck you kid!"

Example 2
Billy:"Hey kid! Gimme' a smoke."

Kevin:"uh, okay."
by J.B Dubs May 22, 2012
a person usually aged between 5 and 11, and has no idea what puberty is like D:
Hey, look at that poor kid.. doesn't even know what's comin' to him.
by lolface.132 November 04, 2011
One who ruins the internet by
-lying about age
-saying swag in everything
-watching skythekidrs and following his every order
-watching ryj

-ruining forums

Some are mature but that is rare. You never see it in a popular gaming community.
Kid: stfu, i am not 8!!! i am 17.

Adult: Oh really?

Kid: ur gay
by TheguynamedToby March 21, 2014

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