what teenagers claim they are not
mom: your just a kid! you dont need a credit card!

teenager: IM NOT A KID IM 13!
by Lilwaynesucks555 January 17, 2010
God's punishment for having sex
Suzie: we've been dating for a long time and I need to tell you something
Johnny: Please dont breakup up with me
Suzie: It's not that, geez...I'M PREGNANT, we'll have kids together!

Johnny's screams could be heard from Australia
by blahblahblaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah December 30, 2010
kid = (also kidda) friend ,mate, can be used to from a complete stranger to close family simply meaning my friend or my mate.
by kyle harper March 15, 2004
Children, offspring, those under 21 living in your household.
I don't want any kids, instead I'm going to adopt my Albertsons' staff and have them move into my multi-million dollar mansion.
by Saints September 29, 2003
the one thing that keeps you going knowing as long as you treat them as individual people they will always respect you.
my kids are my reason for living
by mamajoey June 18, 2008
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