Anyone between the ages of 15 and 40
I hate that kid Bam Margera
by Landamo June 03, 2004
The worst STD of them all.
Jenny and her boyfriend both got tested, so they had unprotected sex. Unfortunately, Jenny didn't know about KID, an STD you can get even if your partner doesn't have any.
by Gary Z. January 04, 2007
KID. An object to throw rocks at.
See that kid? Watch me bounce a rock off his head.
by Thumper2000 August 22, 2007
Noun: An object that seems to have unlocked the key to unlimited energy in combination with annoyance. Loud noises emit from pretty much every hole in their body. To stop them and/or shut them up, kick them in the face. Not lightly either, so kick them hard.
"LA LA! I AM A KID! LA LA-" *SMASH!* <-- That is the sound of a kick to the face!
by Bucket Life October 01, 2007
A radom faggot that showed up at a lunch table randomly that looks like Joe Pechi and Danny Devito.
Hey Kid, Your A Faggot, Throw Out Our Fucking Lunch Trays!
by Sangrizz January 27, 2004
an ugly, gay ass kid with big socks. it looks like the leg warmers from the 80\'s. i mean could easily rob a store with those things.
there is know example
by mkdude April 26, 2005
the ultimate birth control
man:how bout we go to your place woman:cant have kids how about your place man:on second thought i shouldn't i have a thing in the morning
by pizzaface1 January 04, 2015

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