new shoes , preferably cool ones but not fancy shoes
before going back to school moms would always buy some new kicks
by 562bulldog November 06, 2003
To do something for no reason, or to pass the time.
Me and Josh stole those earmuffs just for kicks.
by Lynsey November 06, 2003
Check out the kicks that nigga is sportin'.
by kgirl November 06, 2003
The bass drum on a drumset. Created by musicians and recording engineers so they wouldn't confuse the drum and the bass guiter. Derived from the use of a pedal to play the drum.
You forgot to mic the kick.

your shoes
yo, yo kicks are raw
by julia November 07, 2003
Slang for shoes
Greg: Yo I got me some new gear
Arnold: Those are some phat kicks you got
by matt October 01, 2002
To slightly upgrade or enhance an object or deed.
"How good is this lemonade, I bet its been kicked."
"Let's give the cake a kick."
by JORDrumm August 16, 2009
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