Sneakers, "running shoes"
For sheazy ma neazy! You gots some fly-ass kicks!
by rapmasta November 05, 2003
Term used to describe something of great value
"Dude, those tits are kick" or "That was totally fucking kick"
by Substantially Fucked August 24, 2006
1) To hang out
2) To use your leg to knock the ish outta someone
3) Slang for a Sidekick
1) Aye, lets kick it tonight
2) Im gonna kick you in your face
3) Yo that chick got a LG V..bust out your kick son!
by versace December 15, 2006
Another word for shoes. Commonly used on the East Coast.
"Can any of y'all lone me a pair of kicks, I just need them to go play football in."
by Kimberly. December 05, 2006
The first most important thing to a mans dignity. His shoes.
Sweeeeeeet kicks biotch i'm gonna get me a pair.

Those are some sorry ass kicks, my fuckin grandma has sweeeter kicks then that and she be dead.
by Da Big Shizzle March 28, 2005
Outer covering for the foot; shoe. Generally, nice shoes someone is proud of.
Check out the new kicks I just got.
by amyVT November 07, 2003
Shoes, Footwear
Laced up in some of them new kicks when I was hittin the courts.
by Hershal November 07, 2003
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