1. To be in a phase of something.
I watched the Seven Samuri twice during my Kurosawa kick.

He denies ever having a Yugioh kick.
by Heliotropes January 22, 2007
the upside of sick - a step up from sick meaning awesome
That's really kick.

Marco Defazio is kick.

What you did is 'kick'.
by Grace O'Leary February 13, 2009
1. shoes

2. gym shoes

3. pleasure or enjoyment

4. the potency of a drug or alcohol
Those old kicks are so worn they wouldn't be of any use in a creek.
by Light Joker October 28, 2006
1) Shoes
2) Tires, wheels, or rims (for a vehicle)

"I gotta get some kicks for my whip yo"
"New shoes on the whip and I wake up to Bubbly"- Big Tymers "Still Fly"
by Carla Marlene April 26, 2006
Keep It Cool Kinfolk; This expression can be used as a greeting or as a way of saying "good bye."
You gonna hit that party up tonight?! Aight patna, K.I.C.K.!
by The Zoocrew January 26, 2006
A pair of shoes.
Yo nigga, those chuck taylors is some tight kicks.
by logan April 06, 2003
Sneakers, "running shoes"
For sheazy ma neazy! You gots some fly-ass kicks!
by rapmasta November 05, 2003

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