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When you "get your kicks" you are having a real good time.
Keep that rock and roll music playing because I want to get my kicks tonight.
by Rita Rocha October 07, 2006
To make obvious physical contact using any part of the leg below the knee. A kick could be utilised as a worthy finishing move in a gentlemanly squable, or to encourage a piece of machinery or person to function according to what you see fit.
I had to kick the cat to encourage it to get out of my way as I was heading over to the neighbour's to encourage them to stop stealing my newspaper.
by decepti_kun February 09, 2006
Doing something just because you want to.
I kicked my grandma's ass just for kicks.
by Tyler November 06, 2003
to get off dope
I'm going to the hill-top hilton to kick.
by muxpunker December 03, 2003
Those are some nice kicks!
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
I liked your new kicks.
by yozoooo July 10, 2008
1. To be in a phase of something.
I watched the Seven Samuri twice during my Kurosawa kick.

He denies ever having a Yugioh kick.
by Heliotropes January 22, 2007