When you "get your kicks" you are having a real good time.
Keep that rock and roll music playing because I want to get my kicks tonight.
by Rita Rocha October 07, 2006
To make obvious physical contact using any part of the leg below the knee. A kick could be utilised as a worthy finishing move in a gentlemanly squable, or to encourage a piece of machinery or person to function according to what you see fit.
I had to kick the cat to encourage it to get out of my way as I was heading over to the neighbour's to encourage them to stop stealing my newspaper.
by decepti_kun February 09, 2006
Doing something just because you want to.
I kicked my grandma's ass just for kicks.
by Tyler November 06, 2003
to get off dope
I'm going to the hill-top hilton to kick.
by muxpunker December 03, 2003
Those are some nice kicks!
by Anonymous November 07, 2003
Things or activities. Taken from "We did this for kicks". Has nothing to do with the action of kicking.
"Hey, how's kicks?"
"The kicks are great today."
"Good kicks, man, good kicks."
by Hillary December 27, 2004
the upside of sick - a step up from sick meaning awesome
That's really kick.

Marco Defazio is kick.

What you did is 'kick'.
by Grace O'Leary February 13, 2009

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