to empty the ash out of a bowl.
yo this shits beat... kick it.
by smoky October 24, 2004
my pimped out phat farm shoes!
dayum!! those are the illest kicks ever!
by pimped out chicky September 07, 2003
to go home
'u stayin out?'
'nah im gonna kick'
by Mini Monty June 06, 2003
keep it cool, k?
I'll see you next year, kick!
by Dark Horizon June 10, 2003
To eminate a foul odor.
That kicks like garbage.
by Shampeezy May 27, 2005
A current and temporary fixation on something. Typically does not last longer than a few weeks, or at most, months. May be a recurring interest, or a one-shot one. This can apply to a large number of things, including (but not limited to) comics, TV series, anime, manga, literature, historical events and characters, video games, art, celebrities, youtubers, academia, and sports.
Tom: I just realized I haven't watched any new anime in weeks. I've been on a Batman kick.

Jay: Welp, I guess for the next few weeks you'll be into Tokyo Ghoul...
by Stiffofdeth June 11, 2016
Hanging out
For the fun of it
"I just bought a new pair of kicks"
"You wanna kick it?"
"Let's go muck around for kicks.
by Bionicrabit October 18, 2014
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