(n): person you have causal sex with.

Derived from "the person you kick it" with
" I don't have boyfriends, I just got kicks"
by 788nj March 22, 2010
its wut u get when u insult someone
Bob got 3 kicks in the shin because he called Linda a bitch.
by someone November 06, 2003
slang; shoes or anything worn on the feet.
(Person 1) "Hey Donnie, I just bought a pair of Air Force Ones."
(Person 2) "Oh, nice, those are some tite ass kicks man!"
by ookiemonster April 18, 2003
If something kicks it smells very badly.
The N5 area of London kicks!
by Biff January 07, 2004
another word for shoes
Yo, u got a new kick there, eh?
by indodubz November 13, 2003
1. action performed upon a dog, child, or any other lesser being
2. fun, entertainment
1. He kicks the 3 year old.
2. We attached a squirrel to a 50 pound satchel charge for kicks.
by Matt Seigel November 05, 2003
Shoes: Clean, nice, icey white shoes
Example: All white Air Force ones
Ay playa you just stepped on my new kicks.
by Lil' C February 18, 2005

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