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i have no problems complaints
"i've been good, i got no kicks"
by evan marie June 22, 2008
1 3
1. Shoes
2. For fun
1. I need some new kicks for school.
2. We stole the mascot just for kicks.
by Chad Deese November 06, 2003
5 3
footwear, particulary sneakers
Check these new kicks I got at Foot Locker.
by Michael November 05, 2003
5 3
Someone that you chill with and kiss and do other things but no sex. Like friends with privilages.
Oh, he's my kick.
We've been kick's for a few months already.
by Just_Me August 28, 2003
27 25
whenever your foot makes contact with something
when I throw my foot at you it is still a kick
by fulopslacker June 27, 2013
1 0
A word for "shoes, usually athletic ones" that media and advertisers use to make them seem more in-touch with youth culture than they really are.
Next up on "Insider" we'll see why legions of fans are lining up at midnight just for a chance to buy these "kicks."
by freakdog August 13, 2012
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Keep It Complicated Knob: The antonym of the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle where someone makes something unnecessarily complicated.
Bob: Who the hell designed this crap?
Alex: Christian, he likes to follow the KICK principle.
by ebh June 06, 2012
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To "kick" is to leave.
Mischa: Alright, I'm gonna kick now..
Tony: See you later!
by -brownsugar* July 08, 2009
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