To exclaim radness or awesomeness.
"Omg (name of band) was so kick!"
"Dude, that meal was kick. Ima have to open up a knotch on my belt"
by Nousha Bayrami May 15, 2007
1. A form of boxing
2. A form of beating
3. A means of causing pain and injury, possibly death
1. Johnny kicked his opponent in the teeth.
2. Johnny kicked Jimmy's head against the curb.
3. Johnny kicked jimmy's head in. Jimmy stopped moving..
Do something really well.

Comes from the idea of hitting a baseball or kicking a football out of the stadium, as well as the idea of kicking something in the ass.

Usually used with "out" afterwards, as in "kick it out."
Okay, enough procrastinating. I'm going to kick this paper.

Wow, you really kicked the song.

This is the hardest level. Let's kick it.
by McNara November 20, 2011
the nick name commonly used for a sidekick
Yo I've been textin on my kick since I got it. You seriously need the sidekick lx not that old 2 of yours
by Dj loc August 09, 2008
Slang for departing one's current location; to leave or take off.

Also slang for walking.
J-You wan't a beer?
C-Nah, I think I'll just kick out.
by Tiesoh March 31, 2008
A small line of cocaine, or a key. Just enough to get you going.
Man, I just need a little kick.
by BillyBob23 January 12, 2007
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