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To hang out with; to chill with; to sit around and talk or laugh.
"Nah, we ain't go to tha club, we jus kick the bobo all night."

"What are you doing tonight?"
"Just kickin the bobo."
by jesska111 June 27, 2009
To Kick the Boboes is to hang out with 2 or more friends in 1 place (i.e. at the park, Mall or someones home) usually involving an alcoholic beverage and some music. Additional uses would be chilling hardcore "gangsta style" and may involve 40's, blunts, and BD's. Or just chilling out at the crib.
Jessica and Ben were kicking the Boboe's at Gwens house.

Maria asked Trinnette and Michael if they wanted to kick the Boboe's at Humboldt Park.
by P.r.G April 08, 2008
To go to church and eat your vegetables.
He's such a good boy. He kick the bobo.
by Nicey Nice January 16, 2009
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