kicking a guy in the ass for sexual
pleasure usually with a sock or barefoot.Another alternative safe sex gay activity
punt kick your partner with the ball of your foot in the area just above the ass crack
by marty August 24, 2003
Top Definition
kicking your partner in the ass while eating dorritos.
i bet her as is sore from all that kick fucking last night.

(as seen in suck my black ass charlie brown)
by nicknicknicknick November 04, 2006
The act of receiving sexual pleasure from repeatedly getting kicked in the ass.
by p0wntn00b June 10, 2003
The art of receiving sexual pleasure from being repeatedly kicked in the ass.
"Dude you're into kickfucking too? That is totally fucking radical."
by TRose January 11, 2005
The Process in Which One is Stimulated by being Kicked By someone Else In The Genitalia.
Ron Is KickFucking Grant.
by Watu October 22, 2006
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