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A French AZERTY keyboard, from the fact that typing "keyboard" like it was a standard QWERTY keyboard will result in writing "keyboqrd".

To everyone who is not French, keyboqrds are a massive mindfuck. The differences between an American keyboard and a French keyboard are substantial:
- The official name comes from first keys of the top line, which are AZERTY instead of QWERTY.
- The first two keys of the other two rows are not lucky as well. The middle row begins with QSDF, and the bottom row begins with WXCV.
- The M goes where the semicolon is; the comma, meanwhile, goes where the M is.
- CAPS LOCK is cruise control for numbers: you have to hold Shift or press Caps Lock to write them unless you have a numeric keypad. (This is one reason why desktop replacement computers are popular in France: in part, because they have a numeric keypad).
- Of course, all the punctuation is randomly dithered around the whole place.
- Your password still doesn't works? I've already reset it twice.
- I know, sir, but typing it right with these keyboqrds is pretty hard. I'm still used to American keyboards.
by Da_Nuke November 18, 2009
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