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Failure to use common grammer when spelling with a keyboard.

The use of symbols to express love for something.

Are you into me? = ru n2 me?
azz = ass
because or 'cause = coz, cuz, cuzz
i hAtE WhEN PeOpLE tYpE LiKe ThIs

ThIs iS 1 eXaMpLe oF KeYBoNiCs

WEll damn boisss. u got me hyped up! HEHEE....care to show me?

<3333 sexii bois!

by stupendous_man78 July 25, 2006
Keybonics = when you type on your computer the same stupid butchered version of English
that you talk like with your homies.
Like fo shizzle my dizzle, can you belizzledizzle thisiszzle a wordizzzle ??
by mlegg10 February 07, 2005
bad typing, spelling, or abbreviation online and on Smart phones
"Can you write that again? I don't speak keybonics."
by Triston Negreaux July 29, 2013