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1. To smoke up all the weed in the bowl of a pipe,bong,etc as in cashed. 2. To be extremely high/drunk or both. 3. To break, destroy, eliminate etc. Originated from Lilburn 420krew.
Why did you just pass me a bowl thats keyed out? After smoking a blunt of northern lights and drinking a fifth of moonshine, man i was keyed out. Robs hookah is relly gay, lets go key it out in front of his house.
by Thuggin February 23, 2005
3 21
Kilogram, usually refering to narcotics.
I almost got busted with 2 keys in my trunk.
by Hell4aHuslta January 24, 2003
809 154
The campest man in K-POP (after Jokwon) but also one the sexiest and most amazing.
Best guy at dancing girl group dances.
Key - "You look b-ee-zar"
Amber - "What?"
Key - "Leez-ard"
by Mrs Mcdonald. October 24, 2009
689 153
see "Diva".
You're such a Key.
by shiningshawol November 12, 2010
483 107
the correct way to spell it is ki's, bue everyone that submited a definition is a fuckin idiot so i had to put them in thier place. But a "Ki'" is short for Kilogram of yayo,Cocaine,Cociana, dust or whitegirls or whatever you would like to call this particilar drug.
Tony- forget about fuckin 13.5 a Ki Sosa, what are jou, fucking nuts?
Omar Sosa- well what would you propose that is reasonable?
Tony- 10.5 a ki' and jou gotta take dat chit to Panama
by KevinNutz December 22, 2003
403 136
A key is a kilo of Coke a key is worth 20 g's real big money making if you own keys
1.Ayo crosby just sold off 1 key to Big J yesterday right?
2. During the drug bust cops raided my crib and found 2 keys under my bed
by Brick City** March 09, 2005
437 232
just perfect... one of those things that would make you a whole lot happier at any given time
a big mack would be key right now
by mstar June 26, 2003
407 249
Short for kilogram. Taken from the (ki) in kilogram. Usually referring to cocaine.
"I heard you had a key of cocaine in the trunk?"
by +Skep'tiKaL- March 20, 2007
157 86