The result of being a douchebag.
To key (ones) car:

Bro 1: Oh meh godd bro someone totally keyed my sweet ford f150! My dad is going to kill me!

Bro 2: People must just be jealous of your killer ride.

Intellegent Person 1: Or, you're just a complete asshole.

Bros 1 and 2 (tandem): OOOOOHHH Yeeeaaarrrhh
by Corkit August 04, 2011
Top Definition
to take a key or other sharp object and scratch the car of a person you hate, leaving scars in the paintwork that look shitty and cost a ton to have fixed
"man, i can't believe michael hooked up with clara after i told him i liked her. let's go key his car!"
by lauren August 31, 2003
verb, to scratch the paintjob surface of a car.
I had my car out of storage for just 3 days, and some dickless piece of shit had the nerve to key (ones) car.
by nick_g July 01, 2010
the lowest action you can ever do to someone. if you hate someone, take it up with them, not their possessions. if you key someone's car, you have no balls, or you a feminist who thinks it's cool to act like you're tough, or you just take everything too seriously, like high school dating. Losers.
So . . . I calmly broke up with my girlfriend of two weeks last night and I came out to see my car keyed and "Prick" spray painted on the side of it.

I feel like I need to key (ones) car so I can feel tough, but never be acknowledged.
by z28er August 08, 2007
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