A word that only a select few of the worlds most inept people use, mainly losers with an extremely low level of intelligence. Anyone who uses the word in a sentence cannot legally have an IQ above 90.
Jimmy: Hey Billy, you are sOoOoOoOoOoOoO kewl!!!
Billy: LoLz... you are more kewl than I am Jimmy!
Jimmy: Don't be a silly willy Billy, you are way more kewl.
Billy: Maybe you're right, I AM kewl!
by Jake Williams September 05, 2006
1) Kewl is internet nerd, or rather, 'l33t' speak for 'cool'

2) Something that is Kewl is something that is cool in an ironic or geeky fanboy way. / Something Kewl is cool but a little odd.
1)internet nerd #1: "*insert crappy ass l33t speak here*"
internet nerd #2: "kewl!"

2)Most of the X-men characters are cool, but Gambit, Bishop and Cable are KEWL.
by SlackerApathy April 24, 2005
A way to pronounce and spell the word "cool", made up by Internet geeks for faster typing.
Llamaman417652: omg how kewl
by Chris Chan February 20, 2004
kewl means wants to be cool, but it just is not cool.
The teacher is kewl
by jj September 01, 2003
word is from a Chinese philosopher named Jonathan Lui, born in the 20th century, which means "cool" or in good sense
"I feel kewl when driving in that car."
by Anonymous February 26, 2003
A White person's prononciation of the word "cool" Where the two o's are made to sound like "ew". As opposed to the correct way to say it, which sounds similar to the word "coo"
"Dude, that skateboard trick was so fucking cool"
by MissDimplz January 26, 2005
every a0l whore's favorite spelling crap...
Me:must get...shotgun...and k33l...this....freak....
by kickace July 23, 2005

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