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The uncool way to spell "cool". Commonly used by Internet geeks.
That website is really kewl!
by N3cr0n0mIV October 18, 2003
15 25
the opposite of cool. used usually to describe a person or their actions. Usually said to a freind when someone does something kewl, so the kewl person thinks you're calling them cool, when really they are just kidding themselves. Kewl is sometimes said the way it is spelled out as K-E-W-L.
Holy shit, that kid is so fuckin kewl.
by Gnarly Gnate Mcgnar March 21, 2008
3 14
The slang yet lazy way to say cool,made to be different.What losers.
That movie was sooooooooo Kewl
by J!A!M!E!S April 26, 2007
4 15
a sarcastic pejorative designed to indicate someone's lack of intelligence and total genuine uncoolness
Ruddiger: I have a pocket protector to keep my pens from staining my nice white shirt
Bart: Wow, Ruddiger, you're so kewl
by Drew_ March 17, 2007
4 15
A word that only a select few of the worlds most inept people use, mainly losers with an extremely low level of intelligence. Anyone who uses the word in a sentence cannot legally have an IQ above 90.
Jimmy: Hey Billy, you are sOoOoOoOoOoOoO kewl!!!
Billy: LoLz... you are more kewl than I am Jimmy!
Jimmy: Don't be a silly willy Billy, you are way more kewl.
Billy: Maybe you're right, I AM kewl!
by Jake Williams September 05, 2006
11 22
1) Kewl is internet nerd, or rather, 'l33t' speak for 'cool'

2) Something that is Kewl is something that is cool in an ironic or geeky fanboy way. / Something Kewl is cool but a little odd.
1)internet nerd #1: "*insert crappy ass l33t speak here*"
internet nerd #2: "kewl!"

2)Most of the X-men characters are cool, but Gambit, Bishop and Cable are KEWL.
by SlackerApathy April 24, 2005
7 18
kewl means wants to be cool, but it just is not cool.
The teacher is kewl
by jj September 01, 2003
10 21