An awkwardly tall, coordinated kid who surprises everyone because he is very quiet and all the girls like to be around him. This person can also be referred to as Bobby Big Wheels or Pro Wheeler because of his funny personality mixed in with a kid who like to let loose every once in a while.
Have you seen that awkward kid?
I know, he's a total Kevi though!
by Pyro172172 November 07, 2010
Top Definition
A very cute way to refer to someone by the name of Kevin.
Awww, Kevi!
by broox September 10, 2003
swagtastic individual that usually wears his pant right below his ass making itlook like he has short legs. not to shy around girls and has a mark by his evey from one very freaky sex experience.
*boy walks by*

did you see that.

that swag that just went by?

uh yeah!

oh,that was kevis.
by mzkellybby April 26, 2010
pet name for cute guys named Kevin used to make them feel more powerfull
Kevi will you please pick that up for me?
by kevi take a guess April 20, 2004
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