When you pound a girl in the ass so hard that she starts bleeding, and then you pull out the just as she is about to fart. It makes a sound like a near empty ketchup bottle.
This manuever is very rare.
Todd gave sara a ketchup bottle last night.
by Rodney Fallington November 13, 2006
Top Definition
Verb. Refers the action slapping the thumb-side of one's clenched fist into the open palm of one's other hand, mimicking the action of attempting to extract ketchup that is stuck within a glass bottle. This action produces a slapping sound that is meant to imitate the sound produced by the contact of flesh between two people committing vigorous sexual intercourse or similar act. In more rare cases it can refer to solo masturbation.
Example 1.)

Person 1: Where did Dan and Molly go?

Person 2: I don't know (makes ketchup bottle motion).

Example 2.)

Person 1: Where did Dan and Molly go?

Person 2: I don't know, ketchup bottle (motion may or may not be made while saying this).

Example 3) (masturbation)

Person 1: Where did Dan go?

Person 2: I don't know, (insert text from examples 1 or 2)
by Abe Rego October 30, 2009
In giving a hand job, when someone has one hand around your penis while their other hand is smacking your pecker head like beating a ketchup bottle when pouring.
"She was beating my dick off last night and then did the ketchup bottle move before I finished!"
by D. Bittick June 14, 2007
Grasp your penis firmly with one hand. Squeeze as hard as you can until the head of your penis pokes through the top and is ripe in color to the point your finger leaves an impression when poked. While still squeezing take your other hand (open palmed) and begin vigorously slapping the head of your penis in short quick but firm slaps. The slapping noise should resemble the sound you make when slapping a ketchup bottle. The point of this is to numb your penis to the point it feels like you are jerking off another mans penis.
Eric: "Yo bro."
Fred: "Sup"
Eric: "Have you tried to ketchup bottle yourself yet?"
Fred: "Dude I ketchup bottled my dick so hard last night, it felt like I was jerking off Channing Tatum!"
Eric: "My Nigga! Love that bro!"
by Ketchup Bottle Bob December 04, 2012
When you are having anal with a girl you jam your dick all the way into her ass. Then say "Oh no its stuck!" Then you slap her ass and pull real fast and tell her "Sometimes you just gotta give it a little tap"
Guy 1 "yo nigga I gave my girl the ketchup bottle last night it was off the chain"
guy 2 "I told you to stop calling me a nigger"
Guy 1 "yo mah bad slavery was wack"
by Crouching tiger hidden nigger September 23, 2009
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