Ketaki is a goddess of voice who gets loved by god of art Onkar, this is mythological fact but its a great love-story of all times.
It is said to be in brahmin vedas that the god Onkar found Ketaki in the end however whatever . . . its a cycle of eras and birth, Ketaki born for Onkar; in each era and then their love gives birth to the harmony of art with her sweet voice and the whole galaxy gets a soothing peace of melody.

the goddes of voice finally neets god of art in the castle named "TAL"(rhythm) and the divine silence get spread over like "KASTURI"(soothing smell) when they touch each othe the whole world get the symphony of love.
ohh lord, finally Onkar found Ketaki, hallelujah !
by ghadi July 08, 2012
Top Definition
the good human being who gets loved by a special person named onkar, this is occurring since last hundreds of eras in brahmin vedas!

ketaki is a princess of voice and onkar is a god of art; they both comes together to complete the broken heart of harmony, to find the special raga to cure broken hearts of all living-beings.

no matter how when onkar finds ketaki atlast, and the stability gets maintain in the whole galaxy!
thats the reason artisic god onkar is the love symbol of the sweet voice of ketaki.
oh jesus, finally onkar foun ketaki !
by ghadi July 08, 2012
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