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To involuntarily defecate while ejaculating.

Caused by the total release and lack of control that happens during orgasm. Can apply to both males and females although it is more commonly associated with males.

Past tense: keshat
Gerund: keshetting
We're never hooking up again! He always keshets after I've put clean sheets on the bed. Unless he wants to bring his own sheets, we're through!
#ejaculate #shart #defecate #involuntary poop #pooping #sex mishaps
by CheddarWhale August 01, 2012
1) To avoid answering someone.

2) An original way to dodge and awkward situation.

Usually both are executed by using the word "Maybe" after a question.
1) Tim: Hey Lisa do you wanna come over?
Lisa: Maybe.
*Tim to himself*: Damn, she just kesheted me.

2) John: Haha, I'm imagining you as a dude, and its hilarious.
Jenny: I'm naked and that's what you're thinking about?
John: Maybe...
*John to himself*:Phew, I kesheted her good.
#avoid #dodge #evasion #escaping #awkward
by DontHateMeCuzImBeautiful September 20, 2009
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