Of or relating to the website kerplops.com. A Plop is a random utterance. Kerplops is a compliation of these random utterances.
Hey man, you should post that at kerplops.com
by browndog128 July 20, 2012
Top Definition
A sudden "drop" in interest.
When Austin delved into Alycia's jungle of mystic exploration, he discovered that the weeds were to high to trudge through. Therefore, his peepee went kerplop.
by the juddimaster November 20, 2009
The sound your poop makes when it hits the water.
My girlfriend was on the can the other day and I heard a loud hissing but it wasn't until the kerplop I knew she was also taking a dump!
by Y!A Phil J December 09, 2008

1. The splashing sound poop makes in a toilet bowl with a decent amount of water
The poops went kerplop(s)
by Mr. President Shit August 17, 2012
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