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onomatopoeia for the sound of a cash register or a fruit machine paying out.

Would have been acceptable to use three years ago. but after a childrens television show 'Kerching' was launched this term is now only used for sarcasm.
'Get this yeah, my younger got a paper round and is gettin 40 a week'



'If i buy cans from multi packs and sell them by themselves i can get 3p of each can'

'(sarcasm) kerching'
by broder October 19, 2005
The word that is still used for money - sometimes. It resembles a cash register or a fruit machine paying out the kerching.

Unfortunately some knob jockey decided that it is fun to make it into a TV show now I can't use it anymore
Taj: Kerching
Seymore: You lawnmower
Taj: You mobile phone
Seymore: You battery
Danny: You nigga
Taj + Seymore: Get that fucking honkey biatch
by Forces April 19, 2006