An emergence of two dominant people (whose names usually begin with the letter K), that change the game forever. The game being, a sport and or parties. Once a K-Era is established it is almost impossible to stop it.
John: Yo, did you go to that K-Era rager last night? I heard 4 people had to go to the hospital.

Steve: Now that the K-Era is established, their football team can't be stopped.
by ShlopBeeshes March 31, 2011
Top Definition
A tall girl who has an amazing personality. All a man can handle, if he becomes so lucky to even have her. A good friend that is always there when needed. Likes to party. Has a mesmorizing smile. Always up for an adventure, and never turns down a dare. Very outgoing and smart. Is very athletic person. Someone you can always count on having a good time with. Kera is perfection. flawless and beautiful, wonderful and kind, funny and lovable. she is thing that most guys wish they could have but few have been fortunate enough to fall in love with her and be loved by her.
Wow, that Kera has an amazing smile!
by trouble7 February 03, 2010
sweet, loyal, friendly, pretty, treehugger, generous
Kera is a very loyal friend.
by yourmotherfromanotherbrother February 03, 2010
A slutty hypocritical std infested bag-o-cunts
Woah look at that old prostitute. ....what a kera
by hatotheeffinha March 29, 2013
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