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A chick who is dtf allllll the time ;) She has different types of dtf which include sassy, demanding, happy, very very, and just one very. She's dtf all 24 hours of the day. She's not too bad looking herself :)
Kenzie just gave me a reeeeealllly sassy dtf look :)
by Kenzie wants to fuck Dirk :) June 13, 2011
1: A girl who often positions herself on someone's car so as to resemble a hooker. Some will mistake her for a real hooker, but that is a false statement.

2: A girl who cannot eat properly. When eating solid food or drinking, some of that food and drink will 99% of the time appear magically on her clothing afterwards.
1: Look at that girl, she looks like a Kenzie! Not a real hooker, but very similar.

2: That girl makes such a mess. She must be a Kenzie.
by Blahgittyblahblah2 May 16, 2011
homewrecker, scum sucking road whore. boyfriend stealer. hot mess. (actually just a mess, because she isnt hot) nasty. bottle blonde. idiotic. whore.
She is totally a Kenzie.
by tatertot casserole. December 23, 2011
Means: PSYCHO BITCH. This bitch will talk shit behind your back and then stab you in the back. She lives for drama and confrontation. She is all talk. She loves to become obsessed with people too. She also likes to stalk people she is obsessed with. If you ever meet a Kenzie, you better run away quick or dome that bitch the fuck out.
I wish I had never met Kenzie, now she's ruining my life.
by IH8KM November 11, 2010
A self absorbed bitch. Who cares about no one but herself. She will pretend to be your best friend and then get angry at you every week or so and then when she loses all her friends she will come running back to you for help. She also is a back stabbing bitch who will pretend to be your friend then talk about you constantly behind your back and make fun of you. She also can't sing on pitch and is constantly trying to take control over everyone and will hold a grudge until you have died and your corpse has rotted for eternity under the ground.
by flushtard101 August 24, 2010
Simply put, one crazy girl! She'll stalk you until the day you die. She's easy, fun, but don't forget, CRAZY. Don't mess with Kenzies or else they'll probably kill you.
You better not be hanging out with Kenzie or I'll slap you!
by Jrock84 February 05, 2010