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brown-eyed girl with an awesome boyfriend who totally understands her humor and personality. she is kind, loving and extemely loyal to the one who holds her heart. Extremely rare girl. If you find one you should hold onto her and never let her go.
Kenzie's heart belongs to her boyfriend so don't even waste your time. :)
by pbmom May 13, 2010
Kenzie often describes an awesome girl that everyone wants to be around. Most have gorgeous blue eyes and flawless dark brown hair. She doesn't realize just how beautiful she really is until she takes the time to look. She can be incredibly ditsy but still smart. She has great athletic ability and often excels over others with less practice. Most Kenzies are very curvy and makes friends with both guys and girls easily. She never gives up a fight and she will bitch you out. She enjoys spending time with her friends and laughing along with them.
Girl 1: Gosh, I can't believe she's so good at basketball.
Girl 2: Well, she is a Kenzie

Guy 1: Damn, look at her body.
Guy 2: I know. She's obviously a Kenzie.
by Ro123(: August 11, 2011
Kenzie is a beautiful person inside and out. She is unforgettable. Kenzie can always make you smile. Her laugh can make you laugh. Kenzie is a dancer. When she dances, it makes her happy. Don't underestimate Kenzie, she is a force to be reckoned with. She can be very bad ass at times. Kenzie will always put you first. She has a liking for Nuttella. She also has an undying love for Josh Hutcherson. Kenzie will forever be a thrill seeker. Kenzie is way too good for all the boys out there, so if you happen to be lucky enough to snag a Kenzie you better realize how dang lucky you are! Kenzie has a big heart and loves to make friends. Fun is high on Kenzie's priority list. She intends on living life to the fullest. But, at the end of the day, she really wouldn't be anywhere with out her best friend for ever and ever and ever and ever whose name is probably Katee.
"Who's that girl? It's Kenzie!"
by ROSALINDA February 05, 2013
Kenzie is one of the most craziest people you will ever meet in life. She is very hyper and loves to be around people. Kenzie is someone that will make you laugh even when your feeling down. However, Kenzie is very sensitive and her feelings get hurt easily. She's not really a sports kind of person but loves to be outside. When you meet Kenzie for the first time, she is very shy. But as she starts warming up to you she gets very hyper. Kenzie always tries to make people feel happy when their down. And she won't take no for an answer. Truly people think that Kenzie is embarrassing or annoying, but the truth is, she probably just wants to be your friend.
I'm soo happy I met Kenzie! She's my best friend!
by Happyfeet101 November 03, 2013
A smart, beautiful, independent girl. She will come off as shy but once you meet her she is a wild partier! Usually brown eyes brown haired girl. Birthdays are usually in the Summer and you can always count on having a great time with her. Alot of people say she can eat like a pig but wont gain any weight! Whick is very true! She loves her bestfriends more then anything! Boys will always come second after then. Chicks before dicks is her motto! She wont deal with any bullshit from anyone and will walk away from drama or a fight. She is also great in bed! Great boobs and great ass but also very skinny! Once you have done it with her you wont want anyone else. She will show you a great time.
Kenzie is so hot!

Omg I know!

Have you seen the new girl yet?

Damn right i have!

I want some of that!
by Somuchlove April 21, 2013
homewrecker, scum sucking road whore. boyfriend stealer. hot mess. (actually just a mess, because she isnt hot) nasty. bottle blonde. idiotic. whore.
She is totally a Kenzie.
by tatertot casserole. December 23, 2011
a slut
''Man yo girl is such a Kenzie"
by #twerkster March 18, 2014