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We live it. It's going into every season knowing that your team will be in the tournament. It's the illustrious history and tradition of a program that has won more games than any other. It's the legendary Adolph Rupp and his 876 wins, third all time. It's knowing that Duke's "tradition" is a joke and that Rick Pitino is a traitor for coaching Louisville. It's seven national titles and knowing that while other schools only dream of them, we expect them. It's Kentucky Basketball!
Kentucky basketball is the greatest thing on earth
by allisce June 03, 2007
What every Louiville fan wants, what every Tennessee fan hates, talking about every player like family, reciting statistics from teams that played before you were born, preparing for the Final Four more than a year in advance, following recruiting statistics from kids in middle school, an endless line in the bitter cold in front of Rupp arena, the staggering amount of traveling fans to any city in the Union, a sweet, soft, southern, thrill, something that can get in your blood and turn it blue, a culture so deeply entrenched within an idea that only jerseys hanging from the rafters can define it, and all of this originating in Lexington, Kentucky, but found worldwide in Big Blue faithful...Camelot, King Arthur's Court, Rome.
The word basketball cannot exist without the state of Kentucky. Kentucky Basketball is to basketball what King Arthur is to Camelot
by BluegrassWildcat May 27, 2009
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