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running in an open field eatting porkchops
it is illeagle to go kenning in a public park, i went out kenning for dinner last night
by blahhsnoff November 04, 2010
11 6
1. A literary device
2. A person who may be considered a tool
3. Anyone who is an avid golfer and has a farmers tan from his golfing glove
1. Use kennings to create a poetic masterpiece
2. Mas, dude, he is such a kenning!!!
3. That kenning really needs to take off his glove while he's putting if he ever wishes to rid himself of that farmers tan.
by Victor Sad September 19, 2007
5 7
Rare disease that makes your urine taste weird.
David Garcia has kennings type 2.
by Jonathon Glenn June 05, 2004
5 11