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running in an open field eatting porkchops
it is illeagle to go kenning in a public park, i went out kenning for dinner last night
by blahhsnoff November 04, 2010
1. A literary device
2. A person who may be considered a tool
3. Anyone who is an avid golfer and has a farmers tan from his golfing glove
1. Use kennings to create a poetic masterpiece
2. Mas, dude, he is such a kenning!!!
3. That kenning really needs to take off his glove while he's putting if he ever wishes to rid himself of that farmers tan.
by Victor Sad September 19, 2007
Rare disease that makes your urine taste weird.
David Garcia has kennings type 2.
by Jonathon Glenn June 05, 2004
A poetic device, describing a word or a phrase in a metaphoric.
A boat.

Kenning: *A wave rider*
by YTAZURE September 08, 2016
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