The most amazing person Ive ever met and couldn't live without I love you c:
I love you kenlee :DDD
by GhostMachinist February 09, 2013
Top Definition
Hit song by a bulgarian female singer/linguist, later covered by Mariah Carey and retitled 'Without You'.
Everyone agrees that the original version is a lot better then Mariah's.
"Ken Leeeeeeeeeeeeee
Tulibu dibu dauchuu"
by tibi March 13, 2008
A Bulgarian woman's hilarious rendition of what was once Mariah Carey's cover of "Without You," sung during an audition of Music Idol (Bulgaria's version of American Idol). It became popular on the Internet in early March 2008. Look for it on YouTube.
Ken Lee! Tulibu dibu douchooo!
by tabtabs March 14, 2008
a beautiful child, always smiles and is always laughing; cute and cuddly
Ah, your baby is a kenlee.
by T-Money$$ October 15, 2012
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