1)A computer software technician from Utah. He has made records on Jeporady for the longest consecutive time of being on the television show, &the most money earned.

2)Also referred to as teh s3x0rz.
1) Person One: Holy shit! Did you see Ken Jennings on Jeporady last night?!
Person Two: Yeah! That man is a genius! He writes his name a different way every episode!

2) Person One: Man, Ken Jennings ears sure do stick out far, but that doesn't matter, he's teh s3x0rz!
Person Two: Yeah, I'd tap that shit.
by OMGcommunism September 12, 2004
Top Definition
all time jeopardy funk masta flex of the world. Supa-pimp, morman, utahian, computer sofware technician. millionaire
A: "Dude, Ken Jennings romps ass."
B: "Fuck you butthole surfer, Ken Jennings is a Supa-pimp who bitch slapped yo momma and tapped dat fine ghetto booty a' hers."
by Nick The Hobo December 22, 2004
1. (name) A contestant on jeopardy who won 74 games in a row.

2. (adj.) Anything really smart

3. (adj.) Used to describe something or someone who has many sucsesses in a row

4. (verb) The act of forcefully inserting pinecones into someone else's anus.
1. Did you seen Ken Jennings on TV last night?

2. That is one Ken Jennings little boy if I've ever seen one.

3. That soccer team is hella Ken Jennings!

4. Bring your daughter over after the ballet and we can all Ken Jennings.
by skine November 14, 2004
Perhaps the sexiest, most appealing contestent in Jepordy history. Watching him win 2 million dollars gave us all an odd sense of pride and a warm fuzzy sort of feeling, because he appears to be the kid who was picked last in gym.
"Why can't Ken be president?"
"Ken Jennings OWNS, so show some respect, foo'!"
by moo1234 July 14, 2006
1. (name) A contestant on the game show Jeopardy! , who won 74 games in a row and holds many world records concerning game shows (including most won on a single day of Jeopardy! ($75,000), and most money won an ANY game show in history ($2,520,700).

2. (noun) A person with total mastership of an art or craft.
1. Ken Jennings will be appering on Jeopardy! May 23-25, with the chance to win ANOTHER 2 million.

2. James is the Ken Jennings of Scrabble.
by James Argosa February 27, 2005
The Goodly Godlike character of Jeopardy who can leap tall towers of information in one bound, who can answer a question faster than a speeding bullet.
The only thing he's weak to is Zerg-o-nite and her revealing cleavage.
Oh man! Hey, It's a geek! No, It's a freak! No, It's Ken Jennings!
by The Roth December 04, 2004
The guy who has been on jeopardy for over a month and has won over a million dollars, more than anyone in the whole history of the show.
Ken Jennings plays again at 3. Will he get beat today?
by stokes July 21, 2004
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