A slightly known colleague or friend of a friend whose name you can't be bothered to remember. Or can be used to attract a strangers attention.
Can also be employed to annoy people that you know really well.
Serves especially well when you start a new job - just call everyone Ken; the boss, the women, the copier etc.
'Who was that guy?'
'Just some Ken from work.'

'Wanna smoke?'
'Yeah, cheers Ken.'

'Oi Ken, put your bloody seatbelt on!'
by Loopmeister August 02, 2006
Used excessively in Northern and Eastern Scotland in places like Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. A shortened version of know, tended to be used by the majority of the chookter population.
Hamish: "Di ye ken that lassie tha' lives doon the road?"
Zander: "Naw I dinnae ken her"
Hamish: "Aye ye dae! Ken she's the wan wi the big diddies like?"
Zander: "Aw, I dae ken her noo."
by theluvwalrus September 16, 2005
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1. Scottish slang for 'Know' or 'No'.

2. That bastard down the road who keeps asking me to come out and play.
1. "Ya ken wit a mean?"
(You know what I mean?)

2. "Play?"
(Secretly, I'm over at your house just to piss you off.)
by Mcmacmucsons January 02, 2008
Another way to say "Know " or "Understand"
Mostly used by inhabitants on the East Coast of Scotland. (Edinburgh, etc)
Guy1 : Awrite mate, I was walkin doon the street eh, Then this car came oot of naywhere, ken whit a mean like ?
Guy2 : No I dinny ken.

Translation :
Guy1 : Alright mate, I was walking down the street, Then this car came out of nowhere, Do you know what I mean ?
Guy2 : No I don't understand.
by RagingStander October 02, 2009
Ken can be anything and everything all at the same time.
I feel as tired as ken.
This game is as fun as ken.
I'm as pissed as ken.
by Rugbylad20 October 25, 2013
1 (verb) An archaic English word meaning "know" Still used in Scottish dialects. Cognate to the modern German "Kennen"
Conjugations (for old English): you/I/they ken, he/she/it kenneth, thou ken(n)st
past tense: kent

2 (noun) A somewhat archaic word meaning "understanding". Still technicaly a word in modern English. Sometimes used in fantasy settings to evoke a more medieval feel.
1 Old English: "Ken(n)st thou this man?"
Scottish: "Dae ye ken this man?"
Translation: "Do you know this man?"

2 "The elves possess arts and majicks beyond human ken."
by Mecharonin February 04, 2008
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