1. To steal. Usually by a man or woman with bright blonde hair, natural or not.

2. When a person of German or Jewish descent is believed to have stolen something. Usually has blonde hair.
Spencer- Dude, did you see that blonde kid kelletting my video camera last night?

Joey- Dude, I'm blonde.

Spencer- Are you Jewish too? I hear people have been kelletting video cameras and other electronic equipment.

Joey- Yeah, I wish I had a TV. I guess I can't get Kelleted for anything except this video camera.

by ImSpartacus October 24, 2007
Top Definition
A really bad decision, made while drunk, or in a moment of weakness, usually resulting in ]time off work]
That premier league footballer really disgraced himself with that kellett. What was he thinking when poking his fiancee's sister
by Tommy Satan November 11, 2014
The act of taking a homless person up the arse (bumming them) usually done by a lonely freak or Paedophile
err Peter just did a Kellett on that Tramp
by Zantash January 16, 2008
a word used to describe someone with a very small cock or a chode.
Can you believe it Look at that Kellett, its soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo small
by Zantash January 16, 2008
Asshole, Douchebag, Liar, Tool etc.
Michael Kellett told everyone he shot Bigfoot!? What a Kellett!
by Kevin December 06, 2003
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